Katie Got Bandz teams up with Gunplay for ‘Y’all Niggaz Ain’t Hittaz (remix)’

By , Apr 1 2013

Katie Got Gunz.

‘Y’all Niggaz Ain’t Hittaz’ was a highlight of Chicago rapper Katie Got Bandz’ 2012 mixtape ‘Bandz & Hittaz’, and now she’s shared the deluxe remix, which features a guest spot from none other than Maybach Music Group’s recently-exonerated Gunplay. We all know Gunplay is best when he’s confined to a verse or two and he adds an unshakable grit to the track, contrasting Katie’s signature ‘devil may care’ flow with an assured spit calling out pretty much anyone in his line of sight.

There’s no word whether this mix will make it to Katie Got Bandz’ imminent (and awesomely titled) Drillary Clinton mixtape, but for now it’s just enough to keep us on our toes. [via Complex]

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