Techno pioneer Jeff Mills premieres new music with short film The Alignment

By , Apr 12 2013

Detroit purveyor of serious techno music Jeff Mills has long retained a visual element to his style, and with The Alignment, he makes that even clearer.

Directed by Dutch visual artist Heleen Blanken (who worked with Mills previously on short film Space Time Continuum), the duo seem perfectly in line with each other as Mills provides an amply eerie synth-led backdrop to Blanken’s haunting alien landscapes. It’s only short, but in three minutes the duo accomplish more than most director/musicians accomplish in a decade; a simple single promo this ain’t.

With Mills set to release an album in collaboration with Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mohri, we’re a little worried that the only thing left for him to do soon will be actually get on a rocket and go to space himself. [via Juno Plus]

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