Listen to the Daphni rework of James Holden’s analogue slow-burner ‘Renata’

By , May 13 2013

The first remix of Holden’s ‘Renata’ has surfaced.

Dan Snaith’s Daphni project has been in overdrive recently, and his pace doesn’t look like it’s about to slow with this pummeling new rework of James Holden‘s new single ‘Renata’. Cribbing the smart, gloomy analogue vibe of the original and adding a percussive lightness that has become his signature, Snaith accentuates the melancholy with a screwed-n-chopped vocal and a haunting mid-track bass drop.

It’s killer stuff, and has us eagerly anticipating the promised forthcoming remix from Zombi synth fetishist Steve Moore.

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