Premiere: Listen to Paco Sala’s bizarre, synth-drenched take on pop with ‘Impossible Places’

By , Jun 17 2013

Let’s go outside(r).

You might not have heard of Paco Sala before and don’t worry that’s okay, but their new album Put Your Hands On Me is due this Autumn on Digitalis, so it might be a good time to get acquainted. ‘Impossible Places’ is the first taster of the duo’s new material, and finds Anthony Harrison and Birch (previously Leyli, don’t ask) on a markedly weirder tip than they were on their debut Ro-Me-Ro.

‘Impossible Places’ is fragmented, distorted pop music, and its melted concoction of influences – from 80s no-wave to contemporary R&B – is transformed into an inebriated haze of synthesizer and vocals. If the whole album manages to continue this streak, then we’re in for an outsider treat come Fall.

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