With so much of the attention from the post-beat scene explosion of the late 00s focused on L.A, it’s easy to forget that the story of how instrumental and experimental hip hop got back is much broader than the internet would have you believe.

French producer Fulgeance played his own part with his Musique Large label – which released music from Ghislain Poirier, Daedelus and Debruit as well as his own work – and a grip of EPs and albums on labels such as London’s One Handed Music and Cologne’s MPM.

Over the years Fulgeance has kept all the swing and sample science of hip hop and blended it with club friendly aesthetics, and a clear love of sub frequencies. This has never been clearer than on his forthcoming third album, Cubes, which will be released via Musique Large. As he’s keen to emphasise, the music on Cubes isn’t just “beat music” but rather something the Frenchman hopes will reach out to fans of electronic and dance music.

You can stream the first single from the album, ‘He Knows’, exclusively via FACT below. Cubes is released on October 14.

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