We’re not really down with this future garage buzzword, but if there’s one person’s music you could apply it to and not look like a tit, it’s spatial.

Spatial helms the Infrasonics record label, a hugely underrated imprint in FACT’s books who’ve put out three excellent spatial singles now, plus a Hot City vs Ike Release EP that’s arguably the best thing either artist have had their name attached to.

His own music meanwhile treads that line between techno and garage that’s so popular, but with wild moments of low-end experimentation that remind us of Dorian Concept and Shed. The last 10” spatial release in particular, last year’s ‘90729’/’90807’ is a mournful space station epic with skip for days, and we couldn’t recommend it more.

Anyone with a remote interest in this sort of chat should check out spatial’s FACT mix – firstly because it’s packed with future Infrasonics material from both label regulars and new recruits Gon, Jamie Grind and xxxy, whose ‘Sing With Us’ was recently signed to Fabric’s Elevator Music compilation. Secondly because it features ‘Another Girl’, an unreleased Hot City jam that’s one of the rave madman’s best to date. Thirdly because it’s very good – a superb showcase of one of London’s more unique labels.

See you on the other side then. Or, we’ll just see you at the next Infrasonics rave, which is this Saturday and features a headline back to back set between Numbers veterans The Village Orchestra and Goodhand, with support coming from xxxy, spatial, Ike Release, Wifey DJs and Audio Dependent and Porker (okay, we don’t know who the last two are either).

(Available for three weeks)

Gon – Riddance [forthcoming Infrasonics]
spatial – 90927 [dub]
??? – Idle002 – Track 03 [Idle Hands]
Gon – Chaka mad [forthcoming Infrasonics]
Hot City – Another Girl [dub]
xxxy – Blue Flashing Lights [forthcoming Infrasonics]
spatial – 91027 [dub]
VVV – Dorsai Irregulars [dub]
spatial – 90807 [Infrasonics 003]
Jamie Grind – If U Want [forthcoming Infrasonics]
Jamie Grind – Balloon [forthcoming Infrasonics]
Ike Release – Nature Manipulation [forthcoming Infrasonics]
xxxy – Just for Me [dub]
Ike Release – The Long Kiss Goodnight [forthcoming Infrasonics]

spatial photo comes courtesy of Thomas Sergeant



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