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This Friday’s FACT mix is a light-footed dubstep session from Silkie, one of the genre’s finest modern operators.

A member of West London’s Anti-Social Entertainment collective, Silkie’s debut album City Limits Vol. 1 remains one of dubstep’s best full-lengths, staying close to the genre’s half-step traditions but elevating them with golden synth and brass melodies. On this year’s follow-up, City Limits Vol. 2 (released on June 23), the dubstep template is still intact, but things are more nimble than ever before, with slickly swung drums and nods to vintage rave and hardcore thrown into the mix. For those disenamored with the stodge and sludge that’s become more and more frequent in dubstep, Silkie’s your Nurofen.

Silkie’s FACT mix is entirely made up of his own material, and draws heavily from his new album. If you like what you hear, he’ll be playing back-to-back with Quest at the City Limits Vol. 2 launch party at South London’s Cable club on June 17. Support comes from Loefah & Boddika, Hatcha, Mumdance, V.I.V.E.K. and more. For more information, visit the Facebook event page, and turn to page two of this article for a short Q&A with Silkie.


Silkie – Selva Nova (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
Silkie – Test (Deep Medi)
Silkie – New York City (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
Silkie – Headbutt da Deck (Deep Medi)
Silkie vs. Skream – untitled (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
Silkie – Float (Deep Medi)
Silkie – Get up n Dance (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
Silkie – It’s Late (Deep Medi)
Silkie – Rock da Funk (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
Silkie – Hold Ya Head Up High (dub)
Silkie – Lucky (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
Silkie – Taxi Mi Get (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
Skream – Filth (Silkie remix) (dub)
Silkie – Outlook (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
Silkie – Murky (Deep Medi)
Silkie vs. Truth – Feel (forthcoming City Limits Vol. 2)
Silkie – Birth (dub)

Hey Silkie. What’s new?

“Quite a lot since we last spoke, I’ve had the three releases leading up to City Limits Vol. 2. Recently I’ve been doing the press and promo for this album so the last six months ive been a pretty busy bunny, but enjoying the process.”

How long has the album been in the making?

“I would say since the last one but when it really started to formulate was at the early part of this year.”

When you were doing the first City Limits, did you always envision a sequel? How does it differ from/relate to the first album?

“Well, I called it Vol. 1 because I always wanted to do a two part album, so I do think about this one as finishing off from where the last one left off. I’ve thought a lot about how I was gonna move on from the first album but still keep the vibe off City Limits going so I feel like I’ve achieved that in this one. I can’t really tell in which ways it differs because it’s still quite fresh so only until it’s out and I’ve reflected on it will I be able to say, but to be honest I dont know if the artist can look at their work objectively like that.”

You talked recently about having a selection of 40 or so tunes on constant repeat while making the album, and how they informed the record. Are there any particular ones that have inspired it in any specific ways that we should know about?

Well I just like to listen to classics to catch the classic vibe, and I think if you surround yourself with classic music it will only give you positive inspiration. I couldn’t say any one track has influenced me in any certain way but the music you listen to definitely has an effect on what you produce.”

Your music’s obviously quite city-influenced, from the track titles, to the album titles, to some of the sounds used. Do you think you rely on London for musical inspiration, and how would your music change if you weren’t based here? Is it specifically West London that informs you?

“When I produced my first album I hadn’t traveled very much at all, however after the release of City Limits I’ve had the privilege of seeing a lot more of the world. This has definately had an influence in the music I made for Vol. 2, but I spend most of my time in West so I would i say West London influences me the most.”

Tell us about the mix you’ve done for FACT.

“All the tracks are my own – I’ve played a few track from the upcoming album and a few that came on the City Limits series. I played it like I would DJ a set in a club, randomly selecting the tracks on the vibe I get on the previous track.”

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