FACT mix: Nguzunguzu

FACT mix 334 is a short, sharp session from West Coast duo Nguzunguzu.

Based in Los Angeles, the duo of Asma Maroof and Daniel Pineda first came to FACT’s attention with 2010’s ‘Moments in Love’ mixtape, a tribute to, as you might expect, the endlessly-sampled Art of Noise classic of the same name. There’s a lot of musicians out there that try to combine the all-or-nothing emotion of chart r’n’b with more underground-leaning sounds and structures, but as Nguzunguzu progressed, last year releasing the Timesup EP on Night Slugs’ US sister label Fade to Mind, as well as mixing M.I.A.’s Vicki Leekx mixtape (Asma is M.I.A.’s tour DJ), it became clear that as both DJs and producers, few straddled that line as effectively. The latest move from the duo is signing to Hippos in Tanks (home of Autre ne Veut, James Ferraro, et al), who’ll be releasing their Warm Pulse EP this month.

Nguzunguzu’s FACT mix is short, sharp, and sticks to what the duo know best – their associates from the Night Slugs and Fade to Mind labels (Girl Unit, Helix, Massacooramaan), the ballroom house of MikeQ and his Qween Beat label, and naturally, ‘Moments in Love’ – with itchy teases and some long, long mixes. Download and stream it below.


1. TODD EDWARDS – This Generation (Body High)
2. NGUZUNGUZU – Harp Bell (Fade to Mind)
3. KINGDOM – Stalker HA (Night Slugs)
4. RIHANNA – Skin
5.THE DRUM – Omar
6. ART OF NOISE – Moments In Love (DJ Quality Remix)
7. MIKE Q – Werk’d It V2 (Qween Beat)
8. BEEK – Steam , Sweat HA (Qween Beat)
9. JAM CITY – Her (Night Slugs)
10. NA – B.STORM
11. GIRL UNIT – Club Rez (Night Slugs)
12. BONE THUGS N HARMONY – Thuggish Ruggish (Sliink Remix)
13. HELIX FT. FLIRTA D – Drum Track / No Hooks (Night Slugs)
14. WILEY – Colder (Samename ‘friends only’ Refix)
15. MASSACOORAMAAN – Dead Long Time (Nguzunguzu Rmx) (Fade To Mind)
16. PREDITAH – Hectic
17. DJ JOKER – Booty Bounce Music
18. TF SCRAPE / T.I – Fall Out the Frame Guzu Drummed
19. NONSTOP – Helicopter Instrumental
20. BRI/ DJ JOKER – Set Me Free



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