FACT mix: Tensnake

Fancy a yearning drive into the sunset? A romp on Roman Abramovich’s yacht? Today, FACT has your back – if not your wallet.

Hamburg’s Marco Niemerski, a.k.a. Tensnake, has been releasing singles since 2006, but it would be churlish to pretend that most of you don’t know him for one track first and foremost – 2010’s unstoppable ‘Coma Cat’. Single of the year for many, it was shamelessly chunky disco, and dance music at large has still failed to remove that unforgettable main riff from its collective head. Since then, Tensnake’s output’s been measured and consistent: last year’s ‘Need Your Lovin’ and ‘Something About You’ singles followed, as did Live+, a double-vinyl / CD pack for The Vinyl Factory. He also delivered his first mix CD, a double-disc contribution to In the House.

Now, Tensnake contributes FACT mix 337, and it’s exactly what you’d want from Niemerski. The riffs are full and fat, the claps heavy enough to be heard back on the harbour, and it only takes him a few minutes to sneak in a sample of ‘How Long Has This Been Going On?’. Things get tougher as it progresses though – Mr. Oizo, Julio Bashmore and Dusky all see airtime, as does Global Communication’s ‘The Way’ and opens with a never-before-heard Tensnake remix of Tom Findlay’s Sugar Daddy projec.. Stream and download the mix below, and catch Tensnake at Eastern Electrics’ upcoming festival with Joy Orbison, Nina Kraviz, Julio Bashmore, Kerri Chandler and more.


01 Sugardaddy – ‘How Long’ (Tensnake re-work)
02 Kenton Slash Demon – “Sun”
03 Sailor & I  – “Tough Love” (Aril Brikha remix)
04 Flight Facilities – “With You” (David August remix)
05 Larmon – “Wowshit”
06 Mr Oizo – “Toodoo”
07 Stevie V – “Dirty Cash”
08 Julio Bashmore – “Au Seve”
09 Disclosure – “My Intention is War”
10 Shadow Child – “So High”
11 Hot Chip – “Night And Day” (Dusky remix)
12 Destructo – “LA Funky”
13 Nathan Barato – “Back Up Queen”
14 Björk – “Big Time Sensuality” (Christophe R edit)
15 Global Communication – “The Way”
16 Lauer – “Trainman” (Tensnake Tranceman remix)

Tell us about the mix you’ve recorded for FACT.

“I like to listen to mixes that take you on a bit of a journey, with a nice blend of different styles. For me, a mix is  great when I think that I know where it’s going but then I still get a pleasant surprise or two. This is kind of what I was aiming for.”

What relation does it bear to the sort of sets you’re playing in clubs right now?

“2012 has been all about live sets for me so far. I hope that the vibe of my FACT mix brings the same energy as my current club/festival set – which because it’s live, consists mainly of my own productions, plus a few of my own edits. At Space in Ibiza the reaction to my music has been incredible – and I still have three more big shows on the island this summer, at Ushuaia with Sasha, at Amnesia with Friendly Fires and then with Solomun at Pacha on September 22. And then of course there’s Eastern Electrics in London on August 4 with Jamie Jones, Julio Bashmore and Nina Kraviz – that’s going to be massive! But rather than being a carbon copy of my live set,  this mix is mostly about the music that inspires me from other producers along with a couple of exclusives from my forthcoming album. Also, it opens with my new Balearic summer inspired remix of Tom Findlay from Groove Armada’s cover of  ‘How Long’ – I’m counting the days till I’m back on Ibiza again!”

What have you been up to recently, and what do you have in the pipeline?

“The main focus – apart from shows – has been working on my album. I’ve recorded with a lot of singers and artists who I admire and there are still one or two to lock in before the summer is out. We will be releasing it early in 2013. It’s my debut album so I’m determined to get it right. I’ve also done a couple of interesting remixes lately, including National Anthem for Lana Del Rey. I really like the way the remix turned out – and the new video is amazing!”

How many times, on average, do you get requests for ‘Coma Cat’ when you DJ out? And how annoying is it, on a scale of 1 to 10?

“It’s not that it can be requested – I play it live every time, I have to, it’s my biggest hit to date. I am grateful for where it’s taken me – and now, two years on, it has a new life, especially in Ibiza, especially when the Round Table Knights mix kicks in. The last show at Space was unbelievable. Even now, everything is still getting better and better.”



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