New Jersey synth fanatic Seth Haley veers all over the shop on the free Check Yo Ponytail 2 mixtape. 

Since 2011’s Galactic Melt, Haley has established himself as one of the more accomplished producers of analogue pabulum for Carpenter obsessives. As shown on last year’s odds’n’sods collection In Decay, Haley manages to balance retro impulses with an appreciation for dancefloor structures, and his numerous festival appearances have shown an artist able to get people dancing as well as swooning.

This week, Haley is playing at Echo Park’s semi-legendary riotous Check Yo Ponytail shindig. In honour of the booking, the producer has cobbled together a mixtape dedicated to Los Angeles. How does Com Truise show his appreciation? Frazzled acid (DMX Krew), vintage synth-pop (Phil Famous) and R.E.M. (R.E.M.), plus some lesser-known original material to boot.

Perhaps in honour of tuxedoed manchild Seth MacFarlane, the Soundcloud mixtape even comes bundled with a free off-colour gag: Los Angeles is apparently “home of my favorite replicant, Rick Deckard, the original blade runner… not to be confused with Oscar Pistorius.” Click below to download/stream the mix. [via The Fader]

1. 26
2. Trevor Bastow, “L.A. Sunrise”
3. Dave Monolith, “Zunker”
4. DMX Krew, “When The Going Gets Weird”
5. S. May, “Tops on TV”
6. Joel Vandroogenbroeck, “Mexican Brass”
7. Howard Johnson, “Let This Dream Be Real”
8. Collage, “Romeo, Where’s Juliet”
9. Keith Mansfield, “Brain Damage”
10. R.E.M, “Computer Communication”
11. Dharma, “Plastic Doll”
12. Paul Hardcastle, “Central Park”
13. Phil Famous, “Macrochip”
14. Errol Reid, “Crosstalk”
15. One Way, “Don’t Stop”
16. Com Truise, “CT11-4 (Old Demo)”




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