FACT mix 373: Call Super

This week’s FACT mix comes from Call Super, the first signing to Fabric’s new in-house label Houndstooth

Call Super started as a group, but is now a solo operation run by JR Seaton, a Berlin-based producer and close friend of Objekt (who remixed Call Super’s debut EP, Staircase, in 2011). Although we enjoyed Staircase, we weren’t blown away by it; this year’s The Present Tense, however, was a very different beast. Fractured but funky techno reminiscent of John Heckle, Madteo and, naturally, Objekt, it remains in regular rotation at the FACT office.

Not as regular, however, as that of Call Super’s FACT mix. With more personality in its tracklist than most podcasts contain in their music (put it this way: if you wanna use FACT mix 373 as a shopping list, then you’re gonna have to fill in some blanks), it flows seamlessly through records that aren’t allowed to let their seams show; sometimes subtle, sometimes shamelessly uplifting, and full of shifts in dynamic that throw curveballs without ever taking their eye off the dancefloor. It’s fantastic stuff, and as far as we’re concerned it just keeps on giving. Grab it below; The Present Tense is out now.


Gilbert’s song
General Elektro
Last of the Mohecan
Afrikan Sciences
Hold Yourself an Screach
kowlist code
Tripper #2
Badie – 4 club use only
Naples [ T T T ]
Relief tool
DJ Gregory – hands
SVN ft. Paleo
First power ≥≥
Point of no return
Unit Moebius
Ret. 2 Sat.
Invincible Scum – Scumrush (Bintus Scum) [POWER VACUUM]
V. Hold – Auto Internal
Untitled code flip
Pheeroan AK LAFF 3 in 1
The Future

“love and respect to the co-creators of this trip;
amongst others V. hold the Smolen conspirer, Steve Pickton, Jan Jelinek, The Unit Moebius, c2, Solomun Bramlett, Reginald Rogers, Bintus, SVN, Peverelist, Mr. Gregory + Mr. Moss, the genius that is Afrikan Sciences, Mr. Hertz + Mr.UFO, the only Gatto in di cittá Ben Williams, Ralph Thomas, Kondors, Kowton, Bruce Gilbert, Bernard + Pittman, Ren Schofield, Misser banks and the indomitable Mr. Smee…the kaleidoscope Feb. ’13.”



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