Back in the loop.

Not content with rising from the ashes to curate the last ever ATP holiday camp weekender, Loop have announced they will headline next April’s Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Only a year ago, band figurehead Robert Hampson was promising he would never reform his much-loved psych rock venture, and it seems the festival’s organisers were almost as surprised as us. “We’re ecstatic, nearly speechless, to be able to announce that recently reunited kosmische drone-rock legends Loop will be the main headliner of Roadburn 2014,” they wrote on their website. The festival takes place from 10 to 13 April next year at the 013 venue.

Meanwhile, Hampson recently announced that Loop are to reissue two of their best-loved LPs, 1988′s Fade Out and 1990′s A Gilded Eternity. Each record will be limited to 3000 copies.

Loop’s ATP weekend takes place in December and features Ty Segall, Tri Angle’s Balam AcabWolf PeopleMogwaiDirty Beaches, The Pop Group and more.



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