FACT mix DJ TLR - 2 - 11.25.2013

DJ TLRCrème Organization chief, house tastemaker, and principal curator of The Hague Sound – handles FACT Mix 413. 

Originally (and erroneously) lumped in with the sickly sheen of electroclash, Crème have been doling out deep-fried house music for a decade plus. Their front bench includes sizeable figures like Legowelt and Orgue Electronique, whose individual proclivities – a love for Chicago jack, plenty of vintage analogue kit, and no small crush on classic electro – run across the entire Crème catalogue. Other artists to grace their books include D’Marc Cantu, Willie Burns, John Heckle, and Italo disco legend Alexander Robotnick.

Then there are the numerous side-projects orbiting around the imprint: the Crème Jak label, offering an array of Chicago-facing releases; the mysterious R-Zone imprint featuring well-known producers working anonymously; and the sadly retired Global Darkness website – a shady online nexus for house enthusiasts and hardware obsessives. Fittingly, Crème have had something of a resurgence in recent years, too: in a world where L.I.E.S and The Trilogy Tapes are king, TLR’s fashionably unfashionable coterie of oddballs aren’t outliers – they’re trendsetters.

The Dutchman’s mix – subtitled ‘Zombies Ate My Ghost Producer’, of course – is a fleet-footed session, condensing the spirit of Crème down into 90 stylish minutes. Featuring a scattering of exclusives from TLR’s friends and associates, it’s an invigorating mix of squirming electro, dog-eared outsider house and souped-up jack. Pearson Sound, Legowelt, Tessela and Cottam all feature.

For more Crème Organization heat, peep their Twitter and Soundcloud. If you’re new to Crème, we’d advise checking out TLR’s gleefully written guide to 10 of the label’s biggest achievements.

TLR plays at secretsundaze‘s NYE party in London; head here for tickets.


Deleted Scenes
DJ Fett Burger – ‘Burger Trip’
Hexagon – ‘Physical Dimension’
Pearson Sound – ‘Untitled’
Marquis Hawkes – ‘Oktober Blues’
Cottam – ‘Just One Dos’
Legowelt – ‘Psychotic Endurance’
L.I.E.S. 40 – ???
NXNDER – ‘More About That Strange Feeling’
Headless Ghost – ‘Africa’
Simoncino – ‘Tape Five’
Jann – ‘Projection’
Yør – ‘Unbennant’
Gene Hunt – ‘Studio 19’
JTC – ‘Valley Road (We Are One)’ (DJ QU Remix)
Rivet – ‘Driftwood’
Spiral Ligh
Tessela – ‘Rough 2’
Koehler – ‘Sacred Realm’
Marco Bernardi – ‘Floating’
Marquis Hawkes – ‘Sofa Acid’
R-Zone – ‘Broken Pyramid’
R-Zone – ‘Red Rave 2’
Pearson Sound – ‘Star Burst’
Baby Ford – ‘Dead Eye’
Ghostface Ard Core (TLR Edit)



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