FACT Ableton Against the Clock Competition

On FACT TV, we host a show called Against the Clock, where a producer has 10 minutes to make a track from scratch.

Since Against the Clock begun last year, it’s featured sessions from KiNK, xxxy, Addison Groove, Huxley, Tom Demac, Ikonika and more, and has become one of the most popular shows on FACT TV. Now FACT and Ableton are teaming up to open Against the Clock to any readers who fancy taking the challenge.

If you think you can go Against the Clock and win, then we want you to submit music to our Soundcloud group. You must be an unsigned artist (we appreciate that ‘unsigned’ is a vague term – the odd digital release is OK, but we’ll have final judgement and if you’re regularly releasing music on labels then you’ll be considered too pro) and you may submit one track only.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on June 9. Once that’s past, we’ll go through the music you’ve sent and pick out the three tracks that, for whatever reason, caught our ear the most. We’ll then contact you via Soundcloud (so if you do enter, make sure you check your messages), and arrange for you to go Against the Clock on FACT TV. Once we’ve filmed all three of you taking the challenge, we’ll upload the videos to FACT TV, and FACT readers will vote on who should take home the crown.

It’s not just kudos you’re winning, either. The overall competition winner will take home a copy of Ableton Live 9 Suite (RRP £559), an eight-week online production course with Quantize Courses, with expert training coming from Ableton Certified Trainer Keith Mills (course value is £495 – for more information head here), a bundle of Ableton merch and their choice of instrument / pack to download from Ableton’s pack store.

Both runners up, meanwhile, will win a copy of Ableton Live Standard (RRP £339), a bundle of Ableton merch, and their choice of instrument / pack to download from Ableton’s pack store.

Take note: the competition is a collaboration between FACT and Ableton, but you don’t need to use Ableton to enter. You could build tracks on Logic, FL Studio, some saucepans and a contact mic, whatever you choose. However, if you do want to use Ableton for your entry, you can download a 30 day free trial of Ableton Live 9 here.

Good luck! For inspiration, check out this week’s Against the Clock, from South London-based producer Dauwd, below.



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