Somewhere in Seattle, Washington in the mid-90s, a young Stephen O’Malley embarked on a path that would drag him through the fringes of heavy metal.

Initially with bands Thorr’s Hammer and Burning Witch, but most visibly with the towering Sunn O))), O’Malley built on the crucial groundwork of fellow Seattle Sabbath-fetishists Earth, and perfected a sound that was loud enough to knock out your hearing for a couple of weeks (true story), and had the pacing of a tortoise on quaaludes.

More recently, O’Malley has been tangling with a multitude of genres, whether through collaboration or with his esteemed Ideologic Organ imprint, a label which might surprise some to discover is about as far from metal as Seattle is from Birmingham.

This mammoth FACT mix finds O’Malley on typically mischievous form, as he plucks divisive works from a grab bag of recent listening material. It’s not for the faint of heart (as if you needed warning) at a generous three hours long, but let it sink in and you’re bound to discover plenty of drool-inducing, barely-heard gems.

If you’re still pining for more O’Malley afterwards, make sure you check out his recent Ideologic Organ label sampler.


01 Spiridon Shisgigin ‘Tanz der Schamanin (Dance of the Female Shaman)’ (from Soul of Yakutia)
02 Akira Rabelais ‘Comme Un Ange Enivré D’un Soleil Radieux’ (from Caduceus)
03 Hornroh ‘MUEZZO’ (from Findling)
04 Ernstalbrecht Stiebler ‘…Im klang II’ (from «… Im klang…» hat(now))
05 Angus MacLise ‘Universal Solar Calendar’ (The Cloud Doctrine)
06 Angus MacLise ‘Tambura Drone + Sine Wave Generator’ (from The Cloud Doctrine)
07 Moluk Zarrābi Darāmad ‘Dād (Māhur)’ (from Let No One Judge You: Early Recordings From Iran, 1906-1933)
08 Montakhab-oz-Zākerin ‘Qafqāz I (Segāh)’ (from Let No One Judge You: Early Recordings From Iran, 1906-1933)
09 Montakhab-oz-Zākerin ‘Qafqāz II (Segāh)’ (from Let No One Judge You: Early Recordings From Iran, 1906-1933)
10 Irān-od-Dowleh Helen ‘Darāmad, Dād, Khāvarān (Māhur)’ (from Let No One Judge You: Early Recordings From Iran, 1906-1933)
11 Hans Kennel, Mytha ‘Chuehreiheli’ (from How It All Started)
12 Susan Alcorn ‘Sapphire’ (from New Music For Old Instruments)
13 Christian Wolff ‘Exercise 10’ (from 10 Exercises)
14 Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come ‘Triangles’ (from Journey)
15 Jacula ‘Ego Sum Qui Sum’ (from Anno Demoni)
16 Antonius Rex ‘Enchanted Woods’ (from Ralefun)
17 Fushitsusha ‘暗号’ (from A Document Film Of Keiji Haino)
18 Joe Meek/The Blue Men ‘The Bulblight’ (from I hear a new world)
19 Francois-Bernard Mache ‘Ouverture’ (from L’announce faite a marie)
20 Francois-Bernard Mache ‘Le baiser’ (from L’announce faite a marie)
21 Francois-Bernard Mache ‘Le vent’ (from L’announce faite a marie)
22 Francois-Bernard Mache ‘Chevauchée’ (from L’announce faite a marie)
23 Francois-Bernard Mache ‘Le pélerin’ (from L’announce faite a marie)
24 Francois-Bernard Mache ‘Ma mise au tombeau’ (from L’announce faite a marie)
25 Jakob Ullmann ‘Disappearing Musics For Six Players (More Or Less)’ (from Edition Zeitgenössische Musik)



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