FACT mix 449: Seven Davis Jr.

It could have all been so different for Seven Davis Jr.

Raised on a diet of Prince and Stevie Wonder, the teenage Samuel Davis was headed for mainstream success as a gospel singer until his growing taste for underground hip-hop, scuffed house and various strains of funkified cosmic slop lured him far off the beaten path, as he revealed to FACT earlier this year.

Spending the next few years orbiting the spotlight as a hip-hop ghostwriter, session vocalist, script writer and poet, the LA-based Davis finally got his break through Low End Theory DJ Kutmah, who caught wind of his early Dam-Funk-esque bedroom funk experiments and released them as The Lost Tapes Vol. 1 last year. But the real head-turner came with 2013’s glorious disco-house gem ‘One’, the track that turned Davis’ 15-year journey into an overnight success story.

After following that up with an EP on Funkineven’s Apron label earlier this year, next month Davis joins Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter’s Classic Music Company for a new 12″, ‘Friends’. In the meantime, buckle up and prepare for a voyage through scratchy techno, heat-warped disco and dusty, funk-flecked soul on his crate-scraping FACT mix, which includes a couple of SDJR-stamped remixes to boot.


Whirlpool Productions – From Disco to Disco
A Number Of Names – Sharevari
Close & Second Storey feat Kid A – No Love Lost (SDJR Remix)
Adam Feingold – Jahkra (Apron 12)
Harvey Sutherland – Q3 (12 Mix)
Four Tet – Buchla (SDJR Remix)
Eliphino – Lay Me Down (The Love Below 003)
Philou Louzolo – Ron Dynamite
Seven Davis Jr – Beautiful (Classic Records)
Jamie Jones & Gadi Mizrahi – Nasty Things
Prince – Head
Time – Can’t You Feel It
Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine
Kai Alce – World Causes
Joe Smooth – Promise Land



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