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This week, we’re delighted to present what might be the most off-the-wall FACT mix in the series’ illustrious history.

To mark the release of his second full-length Punish, Honey, out today on Tri Angle, Young Echo alumnus Vessel has stitched together just over 40 minutes of, well, material, in a session that’s not so much a mix as a voyage into the darkest corners of our collective subconscious.

Drawing on the broad influences behind his new record, Seb Gainsborough’s set sees vicious drones and glazed incantations jostle with wyrd jazz-punk, experimental electronics and in-the-red guitars via the likes of tape looper Jason Lescalleet, cult noise-rockers Harry Pussy, industrial originals :zoviet*france:, Houston punks Culturcide and the magickal Coil. It’s as eccentric as it is eclectic, and likely to delight and bamboozle in equal measure.

And who can argue with a tracklist that includes gems like ‘I’m Gay’, ‘Ape Fist’, ‘Hating My Father’ and the Minutemen’s righteous ‘Dreams Are Free, Motherfucker!’? Steady now.


1. REI – For Piers Plowman (Excerpt)
2. Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet – The Breadwinner
3. Elklink – Spoons/Aaron Dilloway – Labyrinths & Jokes/Some seagulls outside the window
5. AMM – After Rapidly Circling The Plaza (excerpt)/Minutemen – Dreams Are Free, Motherfucker!
6. Jason Lescalleet – Tarnished Copper (Copper Will Never Be Gold)/Jason Lescalleet – Old Theme
7. Shadow Ring – Mind Blocks Crack/Iannis Xenakis – N’shima/Michael O’Neill – Man Inside The Castle
8. The Bots – I’m Gay
9. Sissy Spacek – Ape Fist
10. Harry Pussy – Ride A Dove (the annoying quiet-loud edit)
11. Culturcide – Hating My Father
12. Unknown – C.G Show Me Some Shit
13. :zoviet*france: – Mohnomishe 4
14. Maalem Mohamed Kouyou – Uuntitled/Maalem Mohamed Kouyou – Untitled (out the speaker > into the speaker edit)
16. Kyrie Eleison (Ensemble – Chant des Templiers / Hildegard von Bingen – O Pastor Animarum
17. Chester Giles & Seb Gainsborough – Untitled
18. Coil – Fire Of The Mind



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