FACT mix 461: Jubilee

It’s no sleep in Brooklyn on the FACT mix this week, as Jubilee steps up.

Although Jubilee’s originally from Miami, she’s spent the last decade as a key part of Brooklyn’s dance music scene, throwing parties and DJing, often with her old mucker Star Eyes (check FACT TV’s recent interview with the pair of them). In recent years, she’s developed close ties with the Mixpak family, releasing a pair of singles – ‘Pull Ova’ and ‘JMZ Riddim’ on the label this year.

Like many of her Stateside contemporaries, Jubilee’s sets draw from all corners of the hype spectrum – from hip-hop to Miami Bass; Jersey Club to dancehall – but where plenty of sets in that vein peak early and lack direction, her FACT mix builds up slowly, sizzling more with every blend. By the time Rod Lee’s ‘Kim Theme’ slips into Jubilee’s own ‘Jealous’, you’re already in too deep, and things only get better with tracks by Posh God, Dubbel Dutch, Moleskin, Dreams and more.


1. Sam Tiba – Deguisement (Jubilee and Burt Fox Remix)
2. Bok Bok and Sweyn Jupiter – Papaya Lip Gloss (Club Mix)
3. Deamonds- Fuck it up Flex (featuring F L E X)
4. Rod Lee- Kim Theme
5. Jubilee- Jealous
6. Posh God- Tittytron
7. Aleph- Minutes (Fisky Remix)
8. Lucid x Dj Dior – Elevator Elevator (Rizzla Edit)
9. DVA x Mickey Pearce- Spoonbender
10. Mandeep Ubhi- Epithet
11. Dreams- Peaked
12. Dubbel Dutch- Tribal Break
13. Schlachtofbronx & Jubilee- Go Deh
15. Moleskin- The Docks (Instrumental)
16. The Wizard ft Chedda and Nyanda- Like a Pro (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
17. RDX- Kotch (J Heat Remix)
18. Wildlife- Whoao
19. Jason Derulo- Wiggle (Mr One Hundred Bootleg)
20. DJ Rashad- Acid Bit (feat Addison Groove)
21. GA Girlz- Ragtop



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