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Much like the DJ behind this rather special FACT mix, we like to keep things varied around here.

Jonny Trunk is a man who wears many hats: DJ, writer, broadcaster, label owner and eagle-eyed digger, whose Trunk Records imprint has been responsible for some of the most weird and wonderful records and reissues of the past two decades, from library music and porn soundtracks to early electronic experiments and half-forgotten exotica.

His FACT mix is as freeform and eclectic as you’d expect from a seasoned collector, and what it lacks in looping hi-hats it more than makes up for in loopy hi-jinks. But one thread runs throughout the hour-long journey – which flits from spiritual jazz and radiophonic ditties to ’70s soundtrack pop and jazz flute workouts (fist pump!) – and that’s the birds and the bees. That’s right, it’s sex ed for crate-diggers, as the spoken word opener lets you know straight away: “This is a lesson in lovemaking.” 

Let the tracklist below be your guide, and if the player below is acting up, head to Soundcloud to stream and download.


Guide To Oral Sex (unreleased)
You – Mean
Flugerenden – Unknown
Hot Water – Hazlewood / Trey
Pace – Golden Ring 6
Screw On – Jacky Giordano
The Sapphic Sleep – Don Cherry
Ode To A Screw – Taking Off
The Wizard – Frankie Bones
Metallic Doings – Bruton Library
Electro People – Fox
Moogies Bloogies – Anthony Newley / Delia Derbyshire (unreleased)
Shadows Of Blood – Platonos
Eyes Without A Face – Jarre
See Saw – Libby
Smilin Billy – Heath Bros
Even The Horses Had Wings – Kathy Bobo Bates
Underwater Boy – Lindt
Airlock – Herrmann
Makkaresh – Torrossi
Tornadeo – Jiants
Ghost Horse – Elsie
Sea Drift – Jonny Trunk (unreleased)



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