The dream of using a TB-303 at work is finally achieved.

Roland’s TB-303 has been replicated a number of times in physical and virtual form over the years, but this is probably the first time it’s been done in a web browser.

Acid Machine is described by developers Errozero as a “work in progress”, but it’s already working better than a faulty TB-303 found on eBay. As well as featuring two of the famous bass synthesisers, Acid Machine also features a drum machine.

If you’ve used Propellerhead’s ReBirth before you’ll be familiar with the concept, but you probably don’t have ReBirth on your work computer, finally making the dream of writing acid house tracks in the office a reality.

Check it out at the Errozero website, and for inspiration, read our list of the 20 best acid house records ever made.

Acid Machine lets you make acid house in your browser



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