We’ve all heard about slow/fast at this point, but what about slow/slow?

For the last FACT mix of March, two artists who’ve made more moves than most in jungle of late – Londoner Fracture and Manchester staple Chimpo – slow things down. Way, way down. In Fracture’s words, “this is a slow motion mix. The idea came from wanting to fit a load of music we had got together into a mix but having to slow some down to make it work”. So there’s music from all across the musical spectrum – from Björk, FKA twigs and Boards of Canada to Mumdance, Novelist and Wiley; hell, there’s even an airing for ‘Midas Touch’ – but very little of it sounds as you know it.

A comment on our medicated generation? An online mix that finally taps into that “dull, empty feeling” we’re all left with when we stare at a screen all day? Nah, it’s probably just because a ton of shit sounds cooler when its slowed down. Make sure to check Chimpo and Fracture’s recent Metalheadz single, Chimpo’s Monkey Teef mixtape and Fracture’s label Astrophonica.

No tracklist, because that would completely spoil the fun.



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