PC Music pair talk Pop Cube, Red Bull and Madonna.

PC Music co-founder A.G. Cook and close PC affiliate Sophie have given their first joint interview to Rolling Stone. The piece also marks the first time that Sophie has given an in-person interview to any journalist. During the conversation, the pair took the opportunity to discuss a number of topics, including pop music, gender and corporate sponsorship.

On whether or not PC Music is satire, Cook said: “Everything can get interpreted as satire, in that very cynical way. But when we were doing Pop Cube with Red Bull, there was a really good moment quite early on where they wanted to scope out what we were like. Within the first minute, they could tell we weren’t pranksters. We take it seriously. This is a big part of our lives. There’s no way that satire could be at the core of anything.”

The pair also discussed their recent Pop Cube event, which was sponsored by Red Bull (check out a photo gallery here). “We wanted it to fall outside the feeling of a normal music event – something in between a fashion show, an art museum, and a TV network. To facilitate that sort of thing, we had to have an extra sponsor,” explained Sophie.

On the topic of pop music, Sophie said: “I think all pop music should be about who can make the loudest, brightest thing. That, to me, is an interesting challenge, musically and artistically. And I think it’s a very valid challenge – just as valid as who can be the most raw emotionally. I don’t know why that is prioritized by a lot of people as something that’s more valuable. The challenge I’m interested in being part of is who can use current technology, current images and people, to make the brightest, most intense, engaging thing.”

The producers also discussed their creative dynamic when collaborating, working with Madonna, their use of femininity and QT’s Energy Elixr. You can read the full interview at Rolling Stone.



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