Derry producer The Cyclist is, by his own admission, a throwback.

In a manifesto-of-sorts on his Soundcloud page, he sets out his intentions as “an attempt to get to a time in electronic music where everything sounds warmer”, citing “more techno-ey tunes by Throbbing Gristle” and Boards of Canada’s Geogaddi “but with the more danceable edge of New Order” as inspirations. “This needed to be done”, his statement reads, “And needs to be done more. Let’s call it Tape Throb for now.”

Of course, in 2015 this doesn’t exactly make The Cyclist unique: more than enough virtual ink has been spilt on noise-techno crossover records, and “tape throb” might as well be the M.O. of a label like 1080p Collection. He does, however, do it better than most. 2013’s Bones in Motion was a beautiful record (as Angus Finlayson wrote in FACT, an album “that renders even simple arrangements partially indecipherable – as if they hover teasingly out of focus – and lends these tracks a certain cryptic quality”), and the more recent Flourish and Hot House have developed The Cyclist’s knack for saturating memorable melodies in fuzz until they sound like just that: memories.

As previously mentioned, The Cyclist isn’t alone in his journey, and his FACT mix feels like a minor manifesto in itself. Although it only includes three tunes by him, the whole set fits his vision, with music from Fort Romeau, Anthony Naples and Suicide captured through that same gauzy lens. Hot House is out now on Music is for Losers.

Milk From Cheltenham – El Toro Saldra Cuando Suena el Clarin
The Cyclist – Aurora (Shortwave Mix)
Ricardo Villalobos x Can – Dexter x She Brings The Rain
Levon Vincent – Black Arm w_Wolf
Photodementia – Astrography
Fort Romeau – Insides
Anthony Naples – P O T, Side A
Suicide – Rocket USA
Demdike Stare – Patchwork
James White & The Blacks – Contort Yourself
The Cyclist – Higher Volumes
Norwell & S Olbricht – Sizt (The Cyclist Remix)
Low Jack – Imaginary Boogie
Buz Ludzha – Undisclosed
Keith Hudson – Black Right



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