This Sunday, FACT will broadcast a three-hour show on BBC Radio 1.

We’ve teamed up with the UK’s biggest station as part of a series of R1 Dance shows celebrating 20 years of Radio 1 in Ibiza. When we got the opportunity to do this, our first thought was that we should represent the acts that don’t usually see airtime outside some of the station’s specialist shows, representing areas that are crucial to modern-day dance music – such as Lisbon and New Jersey – but are rarely represented to the level that they should be.

Over six hours, we’ll be joined by six DJs from across the world. Producer, DJ and vocalist Uniiqu3 will be bringing her none-more-catchy takes on Jersey club and booty bounce, while two very different acts – deep house duo Frank & Tony and R&S’s Paula Temple – will represent for house and techno in the US and mainland Europe. Principe Discos’ Nidia Minaj delivers a mix of the neck-snapping, uncompromising dance music that’s come to represent the Lisbon underground, while Mr. Mitch and M.E.S.H. both have few peers when it comes to twisting club sounds into strange new shapes.

We’ll be broadcasting from 10pm-1am BST, Sunday July 26. See you there.


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