Welcome to space. 

David Pearce’s Flying Saucer Attack has been releasing transportive experiments with guitars, drones and home recording since the early 1990s (originally with Rachel Brook in tow, though the project has been Pearce solo since 1995). After the success of the project’s self-titled debut album, Flying Saucer Attack linked up with Domino and Drag City, releasing a series of albums that combined the feedback love of the shoegaze set with the longform experimentation of groups like Spaceman 3, almost always home-recorded (Pearce, so the legend goes, avoided recording studios like the plague). The end result was an uncanny combination of the intimate and the expansive.

Late last month, Pearce released the first Flying Saucer Attack album in 15 yearsInstrumentals 15, ahead of a Flying Saucer Attack reissue program on Domino. On Pearce’s FACT mix, he shines a light on a handful of the bands that have influenced him over the years, from 60s group Left Banke to American Music Club; German rockers Ramses to former Fairport Convention member Sandy Denny. For FSA fans it’s an invaluable insight into the project’s musical make-up; for newcomers, it’s simply one hell of a trip.

unnamed (25)

Misunderstood – I Can Take You To The Sun
American Music Club – Firefly
Left Banke — There’s Going To Be A Storm
Ramses – Long Long Time
Sandy Denny – Here In Silence
American Music Club – Laughing Stock
Left Banke – Desiree
Sandy Denny – The Lady
Misunderstood – Who Do You Love
American Music Club – Pale Skinny Girl
Sandy Denny – Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
Left Banke – Walk Away Renee
American Music Club – Nightwatchman
Ramses – Only The Loneliest Feeling
Left Banke – My Friend Today
Sandy Denny – The Music Weaver




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