Artists, economists and philosophers head to the South Coast for two days of cutting edge thinking and dancing.

The Long Progress Bar is one of the more unusual festivals to appear on our radar this year. The two-day exploration of “new methods of empowerment through collective action, art and culture” is part of Brighton Digital Festival 2015, and they’ve lined up an intriguing selection of live music, talks, screenings and workshops.

Taking place on September 3-4, headline guests include Holly Herndon, Jam City and Lars ‘TCF Holdhus, musicians who have been using their work to ask big questions about capitalism, surveillance and activism.

Other guests include Herndon’s collaborators Mat Dryhurst, a sound artist, and Metahaven, a design and research group, plus Postcapitalism author and journalist Paul Mason, electronic musician Yoneda Lemma, philosopher Katrina Burch and artist Diann Bauer of ‘xenofeminist’ collective Laboria Cuboniks, economist and Basic Income advocate Guy Standing, graphic novelist Warren Ellis, unMonastery member Kei Kreutler, artist and writer Zach Blas.

Presented by Lighthouse, the event takes place on September 3-4 with tickets starting from £20 – get more information from the website.

Holly Herndon talked about her new album Platform with FACT’s Louis Pattison earlier in the year, while Jam City explained the motivations behind Dream A Garden to Chal Ravens.


Guy Standing (UK) / Jam City (UK) / Holly Herndon (US) / Lars TCF Holdhus (NO) / Zach Blas (US) / Mat Dryhurst (US) / Kei Kreutler (US) / Metahaven (NL) / David Blandy (UK) / Katrina Burch (FR) / Yoneda Lemma) (FR) / Diann Bauer (US) / Laboria Cuboniks / Benedict Singleton (UK) / Warren Ellis (UK)

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