Update, December 8: The shop is now open to all.

Fill your boots with nine live performances recorded direct from the soundboard in Krakow, Brussels, Utrecht, Dublin, Krems, Nagano, Gräfenhainichen, Dour Festival and Katowice.

Catch: you need an invite to buy ’em.

For anyone looking to revisit the time they saw the IDM greats live, Autechre have something very special for you. The duo have now launched a webstore to sell recordings from past live performances with sound pulled straight from the soundboard. Unfortunately, if you head to the store right now you’ll only get as far as a login screen. That’s because the website is invite-only, but you can get one of those by signing up for Warp‘s mailing list which you can do here.

Head to the store to sign in and revisit our Autechre Essential Guide.

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