It’s time for the decimator. 

Originally a solo pursuit of Nate Young’s, Wolf Eyes has been bringing the terror since the late 1990s. The group have released well over 100 records, cassettes and CD-Rs in that time, carving their own path somewhere between the dead-eyed misanthropy of 1980s Swans, the anything-goes attitude of classic industrial and the contemporary noise world. Some records – Burned Mind, Human Animal – are loosely agreed upon as Big Moments in the Wolf Eyes catalogue, but really, the best way to get an idea of their world is to absorb as much of them as possible, both live and on record.

Earlier this year, Wolf Eyes – currently sporting a line-up of Young, John Olson and James Baljo – released a new album on Jack White’s Third Man Records, I Am A Problem: Mind in Pieces (they also took over White’s Instagram page and caused havoc), and have launched a Bandcamp page dedicated to collecting their vast archives. To celebrate the record, they’ve contributed a real bastard of a FACT mix, centered around gabba, turbo acid and hardcore. Most of you will hate this – and that’s probably just the way Wolf Eyes like it.

The Original Gabber – Headbanger
Frankfurt Terror Corp – The Great Freedom
Bald Terror – Drummachine
Euromasters – Rotterdam Ech Wel
Influx – Capital Punishment
Frak – Four Friends Getting Hard
Boom Terrorism – Ramdiska
Cellblock X – Acidophilus
Bass X – Quartz
Urban Primitivism – Urban Primitivism
DX-13 – Hard As %#!
Hard Creation – Lets Get Em All



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