Frazzled techno for sharp minds.

After emerging from a decade-long hiatus in 2013, Paula Temple quickly cemented her reputation as one of R&S Records’ heaviest practitioners, with two records of sky-scraping, yet minutely detailed techno (that year’s Colonized EP and 2014’s Deathvox, both soon to be re-pressed) which resurrected the label’s gnarlier rave roots and slotted into a swell of industrial and noise-influenced club productions.

The Lancashire-born, now Berlin-based DJ and producer actually debuted way back in 2002 with an EP of blistering, Detroit-informed techno on Chris McCormack’s Materials label, but spent much of the next decade behind the scenes, developing one of the first live performance MIDI controllers and teaching musicians how to use Ableton.

Temple’s welcome return to the circuit has introduced a new generation to her synapse-frying hybrid live-DJ show (check out her set at Bloc 2015 on FACT TV for evidence) and seen the launch of Noise Manifesto, a label-cum-manifesto for “bodies and identities who have been kept invisible”, which kicked off last year with a unique four-way collaboration between Rroxymore, Oni Ayhun, Planningtorock and the label boss herself.

Currently at work on her third release for R&S, she’s also been busy releasing a split 12” on 50 Weapons and remixes of The Prodigy and Stroboscopic Artefacts’ Chevel. Her monster 33-track FACT mix includes material from dancefloor terrorizers like Machine Woman, Jeff Mills, Shapednoise, Lakker and Surgeon: it’s a certified epic.


Machine Woman – Why Where is No Effects
Donor – Us For Them (Sleeparchive remix)
Maxime Dangles – Resilience
Spherical Coordinates – 21
Monoloc – Gipson
Lakker – Toneru (Arad remix)
Yan Cook – Ignore
Sleeper – Structure 3
Habits of Hate – Limelight
Kalter Ende – Oliver (Manni Dee remix)
Philippe Petit – Mist
Mika Vainio – Scale
Mondkopf – Cause Cure
Anna Caragnano / Donato Dozzy – Parola
Headless Horseman – Legend
Reich War Ministry – Maestro (Stanislav Tolkachev remix)
Jeff Mills – Phase 4
Mike Dearborn – Birds on E
Surgeon – THX-1139 (Wirr)
Architectural – Delicatezza
Shapednoise – Cosmic Landscape
Paula Temple – Oscillate
Oliver Deutschmann – The Chamber
Reeko – Barcelona 300am
Pan Daijing – Tenderloin Tanz
Kwartz – Rite (Oscar Mulero remix)
Orphx – Vanishing Point
The Prodigy – Roadblox (Paula Temple remix)
Felix Lorusso – No Nation (Octave remix)
Lucy – Leave Us Alone
CWS – Somewhere Else (Makaton remix)
AnD – Jellyfish
Inigo Kennedy – Clarion Call



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