Teenage Engineering’s latest device generates visuals as well as sound.

The main announcement from Teenage Engineering at last week’s NAMM show was the expansion of its Pocket Operator family, but the Swedish company had another ace up its sleeve: the OP-Z synthesizer.

The form of the OP-Z is similar to the company’s OP-1 device, which fits a synth, sequencer, sampler and recorder into a compact shell. The OP-Z is not an update to the OP-1, but, according to Music Radar, “something totally different.”

The OP-Z’s unique selling point is what Teenage Engineering calls “video synthesis”, which allows the the OP-Z to display generated visuals on a monitor hooked up to the synth.

For those more concerned with how the device creates sound, it contains a 16-track multitimbral synth engine, and unlike the OP-1, has wireless capabilities. It’s still in the prototype stages so there’s no information on release date or price, but you can sign up for updates at the Teenage Engineering website.

Watch the OP-Z in action below via Cuckoo Music.



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