The Pocket Operator range has three new models: arcade, office and robot.

Swedish boutique company Teenage Engineering has expanded its family of tiny Pocket Operator synths with three new variants.

Like the three models released last year, the new Pocket Operators look like a calculator and come with their own distinct personality. While the original models had simple names like “rhythm” and “sub”, the new additions look even more unusual, taking inspiration from video games and vintage hardware.

The PO-20 arcade is described as an “arcade synthesizer” and sounds like a Nintendo Game Boy:

There’s the PO-24 office, a “noise percussion drum machine and sequencer” that features both sampled vintage hardware and real synthesizer engines:

Finally, the PO-28 robot is a “live synthesizer” with 8-bit engines for crafting live and sequenced melodies and leads:

Each of the three models comes with a built-in sequencer and features the same LCD screen and quirky animations of their older siblings. They’re still battery powered, and they still cost only €69.

Designed in collaboration with clothing brand Cheap Monday, the new synths are every bit as desirable as the original models, but Teenage Engineering will have to compete with Korg’s recently unveiled Volca FM for our money.



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