Throwing Snow has teased his new A/V show with the video for ‘Lumen’.

Taking inspiration from the London producer’s name and the artwork for his new EP, director Brendan Bennett based the video on geometric properties of snowflakes.

“We’ve got simple geometric shapes and designs that build on top of one another to create more complex structures and surfaces. We then get to fly through those structures in 3D space which creates the hypnotic vortexes and tunnels,” he explains.

For the live visuals, Bennett will construct similar sequences as modular loops to be mixed up throughout the set at Convergence festival in London on March 5.

‘Lumen’ was debuted in Jamie xx and Four Tet’s Essential Mix last year, a soaring, hip-hop indebted club track that’s “built for the summer, yet seen through a wintery prism,” as the producer describes it.

The track has just been pressed to vinyl for the first time along with 2015 singles ‘Glower’ and ‘Xema’, out now on Houndstooth.



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