Stream the London-based producer’s first EP for Spectral Sound.

Having made his name on Actress’s Werkdiscs label and R&S, Moiré has moved to Ghostly’s Spectral Sound imprint for his latest release, the four-track Lines + Colours EP.

Ramping up the tension from his previous releases, Lines + Colours strips his nocturnal house music back to its bare elements: minimal, shuffling rhythms, textural vocals and unstable acid lines.

The EP is part of the London-based producer’s continuing effort to connect his music to his background in architecture, which he said last year was like “a matrix of numbers that you manipulate in order to achieve a vision.”

“In a similar way, making music is like sculpting data — moving black magic around in order to express the idea.”

Stream the Lines + Colours EP ahead of its release on March 25 below, and revisit FACT’s interview with the producer, in which he discusses nostalgia and making music in bed.



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