Stream the latest single by the London-based producer.

Moiré has signed with Spectral Sound/Ghostly International for his latest single, the metronomic ‘Mirrors’.

“The idea behind ‘Mirrors’ is to have something opposite to Shelter,” he says. “This is about coming out and focusing entirely on music, beyond what I know.”

The song is his latest effort to connect music to his background in architecture. “Architecture for me is like a matrix of numbers that you manipulate in order to achieve a vision,” he says. “In a similar way, making music is like sculpting data — moving black magic around in order to express the idea.”

“My goal is to break into the other world,” he says, “The one that’s hidden behind what you hear, and to get lost in it.” Stream some of that “black magic” below; ‘Mirrors’ is available now.

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