A Eurorack system without the cables.

Swedish audio software company Softube has announced a virtual modular synth that emulates hardware from Eurorack specialists Doepfer and Intellijel.

Released on May 11, Softube Modular costs just $99, and features authorised circuit emulations of existing hardware modules developed in collaboration with the two companies.

The plug-in ships with six Doepfer modules and over 20 utility modules including sequencer, mixer and delay, with extra Doepfer and Intellijel modules available as additional extras. According to Softube, more Eurorack brands will added to the list in the future.

Softube Modular is the latest software to give producers a modular synth in their laptop. Last year, Native Instruments released the latest version of its Reaktor software, which featured its own modular emulation, Blocks.

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