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FACT mix 546: Endgame

Savage riddims.

Endgame is a name you will have come across if you’ve been slinking around the gloomier parts of London in the small hours recently.

A co-founder of the Bala Club collective, along with Uli-k and Codes’ Kamixlo, and host of Precious Metals on NTS Radio, Endgame has become synonymous with a sound that’s been building in the capital for the last few years. With less of the pots ‘n’ pans stuff than your typical post-club workout, and with a steady eye on the dancefloor, Endgame’s heavy blend of industrial crunch and rap swagger has seen him picked up by NYC imprint Purple Tape Pedigree, which released his crushing Savage EP earlier this year.

His debut FACT mix is a sludgy, unpredictable collision of genres, fusing Nelly Furtado’s FM coos with overdriven hiccups swept up from the dimly lit basements of SoundCloud. With appearances from Kelela, NON’s Nkisi, Lotic, Imaabs, Elysia Crampton and more, it’s more than enough to slake your thirst for up-to-the-minute club sounds.


Nelly Furtado – ‘Say It Right’ (Alex Compton edit)
Ninja Sword – ‘Signal Despair’
Lexxi – ‘No Weapon Fashioned Against’
Sami Baha – ‘Chunk’ (Endgame K8Y edit)
Total Freedom – ‘A Picture Of TF With His Head in A Lions Mouth’
Endgame – ‘Savage Riddim’
Cards B – ‘Trust Issues’
Predicator – ‘Version Instrumental’
Iydes – ‘Worship’ (Endgame Rmx)
Wwwings – ‘Pyro’ (feat. Imaabs & Lao)
Naira Marley – ‘Back 2 Work’
Endgame – ‘Toxxic’
Air DJ – ‘Viene Por Ahi’
El Mega – ‘Dame Mi Banda’ (Zakmatic edit)
Hitmakerchinx – ‘The Great Meno’
Moro – ‘Libres’
Imaabs – ‘Extravio’ (feat. Lia Nadja & Felicia Morales)
Lotic – ‘Surface Tension x Linkin Park’ (Age Reform edit)
Endgame – ‘XOX’ (Yung Sherman remix)
Hi Tom – ‘Still Got Cashhh’ (instrumental)
Kate Boy – ‘Midnight Sun’ (Lao Remix)
NA – ‘Cellar Theme’
Shinning Force – ‘Labyrinth’
Kamixlo – ‘IDEKSMFH’
Toxe – ‘Let Me Thru’
Endgame – ‘Taker’
MC Felipe JP – ‘Armament Da Putaria’
Grrl – ‘Shards’
Dotorado Pro – ‘Mariamba Rija’
Ynfynyt Scroll – ‘Tranquilo Skr’
Paul Mamoto – ‘Registro’
Kastle – ‘Retina Restraint’ (Endgame Remix)
Wolf & Witnessing – ‘Acapulco’ (Kalam remix)
Nazar – ‘Tyranny’
Nkisi – ‘Kill’
Kelela – ‘Lie’ (Elysia Crampton Edit)
6.7 – ‘Take It There’



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