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FACT mix 548: Peder Mannerfelt

Swedish producer Peder Mannerfelt is a mysterious figure.

Donning an unsettling blonde wig for live performances and press photos (he ends up looking like a techno Cthulu), Mannerfelt questions the cult of the producer, and despite his first “proper” solo album only appearing in 2014, he’s been at it for a while.

Mannerfelt previously went under the moniker The Subliminal Kid, helping shape Fever Ray’s crushing self-title debut as well as albums from Blonde Redhead and Glasser alongside production partner Van Rivers. Since then, he’s been working on the fringes, producing uneasy soundscapes and rhythmic experiments for Digitalis, Avian and his very own imprint Peder Mannerfelt Produktion.

His latest album, Controlling Body, is his finest to date, fusing the subtle pop shimmer that helped characterize his earlier work with Fever Ray and Glasser (who appears on five of the album’s nine tracks) with sounds and techniques that are both confusing and deeply enthralling.

Ahead of his performance at MUTEK, which takes place in Montreal from June 1-5, Mannerfelt puts together a FACT mix exploring his earlier flirtations with techno, blending tracks from Rob Hood, Perc and recent FACT favorite Umfang with classic sounds from Isao Tomita, New Order and Terry Riley, and off-world experiments from Hanna Hartmann, among others.


1. Hanna Hartmann – ‘Cikoria’
2. Rythmes Et Chants Pour Les Vodun – ‘Compound Rhythm’
3. Doxa Sinistra – ‘No Car, No Job’
4. MATRIX – ‘Blue Film #4+’
5. Perc – ‘Death Of Rebirth’
6. Sbucardo Da DJ & 031 – ‘Da King Of Toms’
7. Umfang – ‘Sporting Goods’
8. I.M.T. – ‘A Girl Has Got to Have ( A Bit of Glamour)’
9. Robert Hood – ‘War In The Streets’
10. Isao Tomita – ‘The Gnome’
11. Hypnotizer – ‘Soldier’
12. Machine Woman – ‘The Direction Finding’
13. Ari Polyphonies – ‘Alla Geyscha’
14. A Made Up Sound – ‘I Repeat’
15. DJ Bone – ‘Music’
16. Terry Riley – ‘Bird of Paradise (Part 2)’
17. The Dark Raver & DJ Vince – ‘Thunderground’
18. Spinee – ‘Radscorpion’
19. Sissel – ‘Investigation’
20. Skirt – ‘Angracia’
21. New Order – ‘Ceremony’



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