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FACT mix 550: James K

Juggling multiple monikers, James K has left a strong impact on experimental electronic music over this decade.

When we first encountered her, she was Jamie Krasner, the angelic voice behind Physical Therapy’s breakthrough ‘Drone On’. Krasner’s voice has always been one of her greatest weapons, but as time has gone on and she’s shifted into her James K moniker, the range of her talents has become clearer.

Her voice and unique productions were stretched further than ever on the first album by SETH, her collaborative project with Gobby. It was the most exciting full statement we’d heard from her until this year, when Krasner finally delivered her long-awaited debut album. PET is clearly a years in-the-making release, pulling together exciting tracks that have sat on her Bandcamp page for years with new productions that sound unlike anything she’s made before. To us, it felt like the perfect time to invite her to record a FACT Mix.

Kresner’s FACT mix is not unlike her own productions, constantly pushes the human voice through unpredictable sonic pathways. After an atmospheric opening incantation from Cosey Fanny Tutti, the mix, titled “Girls Gone Wild”, blasts off on a frenetic high-energy pulse with PET highlight ‘R.I.P.’ providing a peaceful eye to the storm. It’s not long before Krasner dives back in with the distorted grunts of DJ Tasaka’s ‘Denki Groove’ and the spiking chant of Synthadelic’s ‘I’m A Secretary’ before hitting a late peak with Microwave Prince’s ‘The Colour Of Love’. It’s a complete funhouse of a mix.

Listen below and look for PET now via Dial and her imprint She Rocks!



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