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FACT mix 552: Low Jack

A tasty spread from the gourmand selector.

Low Jack is Philippe Hallais, a Honduras-born, Paris-based DJ and producer who’s been carving out a grubby, noise-infested seam of house and techno since his debut Slow Dance EP in 2012. A steady stream of releases on vital labels like L.I.E.S., In Paradisum and The Trilogy Tapes has seen Hallais tread the line between heavy dancefloor movements and off-the-wall experimentation, variously bringing industrial grot and hypnotic Honduran rhythms into his gnarly, machine-built club tracks.

Last month Hallais joined Manchester stable Modern Love for his third full-length, Lighthouse Stories, slotting right in with the label’s penchant for grit and grain while throwing footwork and hip-hop influences into the mix for a distinctly fresh take on the whole “outsider house” vibe. He also operates Editions Gravats – home to releases from Zaltan, JiFlure and a favourite of ours, Black Zone Myth Chant – with co-founder Jean Carval, and is a devoted gourmand who really, really loves cheese.

Recorded in one take at the Rinse France studio, Hallais’s mix is a loose and unpredictable voyage through his eclectic collection, taking in menacing gqom from Durban’s Rudeboyz, slippery industrial gloom from Halycon Veil’s Hvad, DJ Earl’s soulful footwork, a slice of busted electro from one Boner M, some classic snd and much more besides. You’ll be on a Discogs spree within the hour – check out the tracklist below and also catch him play B2B with Ron Morelli at Weather Festival in Paris on June 4.

Beware of the brain-slicing pneumatic drill early on, in case you’re feeling a bit delicate after the weekend.


Lighthouse Battle Breaks – Car Scene
??? (upcoming BFDM)
Dro Carey – Glitter Variables (The Trilogy Tapes)
Yann Dub – Untitled (Reverse Records)
DJ Satelite – Trombetas De Angola (DJ’s 4 Africa)
Rudeboyz feat. Td Snax – Mercedes Song (Goon Club Allstars)
Kazuki Koga – Overhang Ledge (upcoming Mind Records)
Hvad – Bleeding Grey Wall (Halcyon Veil)
Frequency Funk – Equivalent (Djax-Up-Beats)
Jason Carr – Morning Stretches (Great Circles)
DJ DEE KAY – Battle Weapon III (PRR! PRR!)
Untitled – Untitled
Boner M – Fakmii (Pennyroyal)
DJ Earl – Laid Back (DJ Earl Self-released)
Third Electric – Electrosmog (Electrecord)
Aaron Carl – 4 The Money (Motor City Electro Company)
Claude Young – Mind Dance Themo (Utensil Records)
Low Jack – Saab Prelude (Modern Love)
Snd – 12 (Mille Plateaux)
45 ACP – Second Strike (upcoming L.I.E.S.)
??? (upcoming BFDM)
Somatic Responses – Wherever (Cavage)
Lighthouse Battle Breaks – An American Hero



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