Hear the debut album from Fox/Soper Duo now.

Greg Fox remains one of the best and most prolific drummers today and has appeared alongside Ben Frost, Liturgy, Colin Stetson and Guardian Alien to name just a few. Next, he’s teamed up with modular synthesist and visual artist Ryan Soper for a record that sounds like nothing else in their respective discographies.

Magenta Line, out this Friday via NNA Tapes, is an explosion of colorful electronics and hyper-aggressive rhythms. Fox filters his drums to give a warped, synthetic quality to his pummeling while Soper matches him in energy with chaotic modular textures.

Over the 11 improvised tracks, they twist and wring countless possible combinations out of their sound bringing to mind a more synth-based Lightning Bolt or Dan Friel backed by blast beats. It’s a wild ride and a reminder that modular synthesizers aren’t always spacey music boxes — sometimes they make you want to break shit.

Ride through Magenta Line in full below and look for it May 27 via NNA Tapes.



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