The song in question appears on 2013’s After Dark 2 compilation.

Chromatics producer Johnny Jewel has been accused of stealing a track from Italians Do It Better’s co-founder Mike Simonetti and passing it off as his own.

Simonetti launched the accusation in a series of tweets this morning (August 16). “Johnny Jewel Padgett from Chromatics stole my song ‘The Magician’ and released it under the name Symmetry,” he begins.

The track in question features on 2013’s After Dark 2 compilation. Simonetti alleges that Jewel took his original track off the compilation and re-recorded it.



The Italians Do It Better label was founded by Simonetti and Jewel in 2006 to largely focus on releases by Jewel’s Glass Candy and Chromatics projects. Simonetti left the label in 2014 to launch his own synth project, Pale Blue and label 2MR.

Simonetti also alleges that Jewel’s manager Alexis Rivera tried to wipe evidence of him from the label’s Wikipedia page.


He also alleges that Jewel left him with $13,000 in unpaid taxes and that he was sent a threatening email by Jewel’s accountant when he asked for payment.




FACT has reached out to Johnny Jewel’s management for comment.

Update: Simonetti has reached out to FACT via Twitter to emphasize that he was aware of Jewel adding instruments and he agreed to it. “The issue is re-recording it slightly differently and pawning it as his,” he says.



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