Dan ‘Monox’ Lurinsky and Kenny ‘The Wasp’ Grieve are two of Glasgow’s most dedicated keepers of the flame.

They launched their label Dixon Avenue Basement Jams in 2012 off the back of a decade of digging and DJing as residents at Monox, the two-room haven for house, techno and electro described by Jackmaster as nothing less than “Glasgow’s Berghain”.

Named in honour of the legendary afterparties held at their flat on Dixon Avenue, the label’s penchant for rugged, raw and subtly freaky tracks quickly elevated them into the league of “buy on sight” via early releases from Marquis Hawkes and Jared Wilson, who’ve become regulars on the imprint. More recently they’ve flagged up the considerable talents of newcomer Denis Sulta and dropped their third “Allstars” EP featuring Casio Royale and O.D.D.

Dan and Kenny’s FACT mix is proof that there’s no need to arse around building a “journey” if you’ve got enough absolute bangers at your fingertips, and with forthcoming DABJ material from Big Miz and Hammer placed next to winning trax from 2 Live Crew and Parris Mitchell, it’s a readymade party.

Plus, any mix that features Floorplan’s ‘Mmm Hmm Hmm’ gets a trolley full of bonus points. Get stuck in.


Midland – ‘Before We Leave’ (Gerd Janson Remix) [Phonica White]
Jordan Fields – ‘Carnivale’ [Black Booby]
Mike Ash – ‘The Fizz’ [Super Rhythm Trax]
Big Miz – ‘Hammond Groove’ [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]
Hammer – Loleatta [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]
Douglas Greed – ‘Push It’ [Voltage Musique]
2 Live Crew – ”Get The Fuck Out Of My House’ [Luke Skywalker Records]
Parris Mitchell – Bitches and Money’ [Dance Mania]
Floorplan – ‘Mmm Hmm Hmm’ [M-Plant]
Bawrut – ‘1234’ – [Ransom Note]
Map vs DJ Haus – ‘Xmod’ [Dixon Avenue Basement Jams]
Faux Soul – ‘Laiku’
Kid Enigma – ‘Move It, Work It’ [Plant 74]

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