Court throws out claim of rappers’ involvement in the death of Terry Carver.

A court ruling has found former N.W.A members Dr. Dre and Ice Cube not responsible for the death of Terry Carver, a friend of former Death Row boss Suge Knight who was ran over and killed by Knight last January in the parking lot of a Tam’s Burger during a promotional shoot for the Straight Outta Compton biopic.

TMZ reported yesterday that a court ruling found the rappers not responsible for Carver’s death and ordered them both removed from the lawsuit. Knight remains named in the suit and in jail, where he is awaiting trial on murder charges.

In June last year, Carver’s family added Ice Cube and Dr. Dre to the wrongful death lawsuit against Knight, claiming the three had hired known gang members for security on the set. They were accused of negligence. The suit also claimed that gang members including Cle “Bone” Sloane, who was injured in the hit-and-run, led to the incident that resulted in the death of Carver.



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