The singer said she was halfway done with her Art Angels followup earlier this year.

Grimes had a long journey toward the long-awaited Art Angels last year, but in a new profile with V Magazine she’s discussed her next step into a very different direction.

“I’m really vibing on making something really slow and gorgeous that just breathes, and has room to breathe,” she explained. “I feel like my work has always been fast paced, kinetic, and almost just manic and I feel like for me the hardest thing I can do is make something that’s slow and heavy.”

“Fast paced, kinetic, and almost just manic” were qualities that Grimes perfected on Art Angels, rocketing it to our top 5 of albums of 2015. Now she’s looking to slow down and step back.

“I’m so ADD in my work; I really want to push myself into something that would be slower and more reflective,” she says, and that includes her own presence in her work.

“Honestly, I don’t feel very confident in myself as a singer. As I get older, I’m probably going to try to be more involved in the behind-the-scenes work, and less involved in being the front person,” she explains.

The interview isn’t the first time Grimes has discussed the new direction of her work. In April, she said that her next album was “halfway done” would be “more chill vibes, downtempos, synth-y shit. That makes it sound boring. It’s not boring.”



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