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FACT mix 576: Reckonwrong

Wrong in the best way.

When we selected Reckonwrong as one of our house and techno producers to watch in 2016, we based our calculations on his concise output up to that point for Pinkman and Whities, noting the shades of grime and UK funky in ‘Radio Magic Tracks’, hints of post-punk in ‘Magical Journey’, and the shaded techno of Kassem Mosse in ‘Morton’. The London producer makes promising oddball house, we said – one to file alongside Powell as a rare creator of “oblique club music with an unmistakable signature”.

Then we heard his new record. On his second release for Nic Tasker’s Whities label, Alex Peringer has burst out of his cocoon to reveal himself as an avant-pop star in the making, throwing awkward punk vocals over knotty drum machines and throbbing new wave bass (on ‘The Passions of Pez’) to land somewhere between Talking Heads, early Human League and Diagonal weirdo Elon Katz. We’re all over it.

With that in mind, Peringer’s FACT mix does not disappoint. Taking a sideways approach to the dancefloor with tracks from Ron Hardy, Jamal Moss’s Africans With Mainframes and Laurel Halo’s King Felix project, he also cues up dancehall from Mr. Vegas, curious funky from Shy One, Italo disco from Felli and knackered kraut from Shit & Shine. There’s even a flicker of Psychic TV.

‘The Passion of Pez’ is out now on Whities, and you can catch Reckonwrong with Galcher Lustwerk and Tasker at The Yard in London on December 2.


Mr. Vegas – ‘Hands In The Air’
Brassfoot – ‘Treacle’
Michael Ferragosto – ‘Risque Intentions’
Ron Hardy – ‘Here Comes The Drums’
Freedom Authority – ‘My Sound’
Psychic TV – ‘Yes Hello’
Credit 00 – ‘Curse of the Medusa’
Captain Comatose – ‘Wonderkidd’
Reckonwrong – ‘Getting Warmer (Hot Mix)’
I Jahbar – ‘Own Pattern’
Shy One – ‘Lickle Rascal’
Africans With Mainframes – ‘Hierarchical’
Syncom Data feat. Saara Soini – ‘Rumpukone’
Tama Sumo & Prosumer – ‘Rarified (The Oliverwho Factory Remix)’
Jordan GCZ – ‘Fission Transmission (Drum Mix)’
Surgeon – ‘Floorshow Part II – 4’
Felli – ‘Diamond in the Night’
Shit & Shine – ‘Shower Curtain’
Boof – ‘Backlash’
DJ Spider – ‘Sewer Technology’
Jacek Sienkiewicz – ‘Living In Oblivion’
King Felix – ‘Spring002’



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