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FACT mix 580: Negative Gemini

A mix of two halves – typical Gemini.

Negative Gemini is Queens-based rave fantasist Lindsey French, who put out her second full-length, a genre-hopping paean to dancefloors past and present, earlier this year.

Released on the singer and producer’s own 100% Electronic label, Body Work straddles hook-laden pop songwriting, moody deep house, vintage breakbeats and jackin’ energy in a way that feels totally unforced – here’s a producer who understands that the realest euphoria is always bittersweet.

French’s FACT mix bundles her ‘90s dance influences with leftfield pop and electronic nuggets old and new, with Body Work highlight ‘You Only Hate The Ones You Love’ nestled between turbo-charged avant-pop from Charli XCX, classic rave from The Future Sound of London and Manix and thunderous techno from Clouds. The final section sees her changing gear with swirling shoegaze and early material from the Cocteau Twins.

“The mix kind of follows a narrative of high club energy (some ‘90s old school hardcore, rave, trance, newer stuff) turning to a more reflective mood,” she explains. “Just a bunch of stuff that has influenced me in the recent past and some of my current favorites.”


Excerpt from The Fifth Element – ‘Ruby Rhod’s Evening Show’
D.O.H – ‘BOH’
Abra – ‘Crybaby’ (Iglooghost Remix)
Manix – ‘Feel Real Good’
Clouds – ‘Chained to a Dead Camel’ (Original Mix)
Landlord – ‘I Like It ‘(Blow Out Dub)
The Future Sound of London – ‘Papua New Guinea’
Machine Girl – ‘Lilith’
Weyes Blood – ‘Some Winters’
Valentino Khan – ‘Deep Down Low’
Negative Gemini – ‘You Only Hate the Ones You Love’
Charli XCX – ‘Vroom Vroom’
Tastexperience – ‘Summersault’ (Original Mix)
Triboro Bitch – ‘You Hear Me Girl’ (Sound Factory Mix)
Hardrive – ‘Deep Inside’
Low Tape – ‘Detroit Drugs Don’t Work’
Charles – ‘I Know You Love Me, But Do You Think Of Me, Romantically’
John Maus – ‘Bennington’
Cocteau Twins – ‘Aikea Guinea’
Teen Body – ‘Can’t Remember’
Weyes Blood – ‘Be Free’



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