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FACT mix 581: Pan Daijing

Where acid ragas, anarcho-jazz and techno belters collide.

Pan Daijing had her techno epiphany in Berlin some four years ago before a stint in San Francisco where she studied sound design and started to work on her own hardware-focused tracks. After a brief return to China, where she created sound installations for art galleries, worked on music for dance and performance art and cycled around Tibet collecting field recordings, she is now based in Berlin.

Daijing made her debut with a blood-red cassette of elemental noise-scapes on Berlin-based label Noisekolln last year and has since dropped an EP on Bedouin Records, and over the past couple of years she’s been focused on expanding her live show, playing numerous gigs around Europe, including a PAN showcase in Berghain just last month. This year she took part in the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal, performing on a bill with the late Pauline Oliveros, and in 2017 she’ll be at CTM in Berlin and Sonar Reykjavik.

Daijing’s electrifying FACT mix arrives ahead of her first outing on Power Vacuum, the techno label operated by Milo Smee (aka Bintus), with two of her tracks set to appear on the techno outlet’s Vectors 3 compilation in January. The mix includes two cuts from that release by Dr. Skime and Martyn Hare, one of her unreleased originals, some favourites by EDMX and Bintus, and selections from “like-minded musicians I am very close to personally, like JASSS and DJ HVAD.”

“My favourite track in the mix is the last track,” she adds, “and that should be the mood of the mix as well.” An artist after our own hearts: jazz snobs, eat shit.


Conrad Schnitzler – ‘Consequenz 3’
M Ax Noi Mach – ‘Tender Sin’
Charanjit Singh – ‘Raga Todi’
EDMX – ‘Frozen Stomp’
Dr. Skime – ‘RX5 James 8, 9 & 7’
Container – ‘Refract’
Russell Haswell – ‘Gas Attack (DJ Stingray ‘Atropine Mix’)
Martyn Hare – ‘Time Terminated’
Pan Daijing – ‘From Art To Violence’
JASSS – ‘Untitled 5’
DJ Deeon – ‘Hypnosis’
Bintus – ‘Reincarnated Savage’
Jlin – ‘Unknown Tongues’
Muslimgauze – ‘Refugee’
E3 – ‘To The End’ (El Mahdy Jr Remix)
DJ Hvad – ‘Nah Run Video’
Naked City – ‘Jazz Snob Eat Shit’



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