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FACT Classic Mix: Oneohtrix Point Never

We return(al) to Oneohtrix Point Never’s classic FACT mix.

Daniel Lopatin’s FACT mix was made just after he’d released Returnal on Editions Mego in 2010, a record of “immense subtlety and beauty, crystallizing the wandering synthscapes of his past while hinting at a future of more lyrical work and commercial potential,” as we wrote in our Essential Guide to Oneohtrix Point Never.

Since then he’s ditched the pastoral kosmische stylings that assisted his rise to stardom and embarked on a more idiosyncratic path, blazing a trail with his Warp debut R Plus 7 in 2013 and perfecting the formula on 2015’s mind-melting Garden of Delete.

His FACT mix hints at the skewed pop sensibility that permeates even his most abstract offerings, as we said at the time. Beginning with the Southern gothic hip-hop of The Half Dead Organization, the mix continues through Roedelius’ pastoral kosmische, John Martyn’s echoing folk, Martin Dupont’s minimal wave and plenty of obscure curiosities that’ll have you digging through YouTube for the rest of the day.

“Slowed down 6%, bounced down to tape and loads of compression,” Lopatin said of the mix. “Sounds like codeine. Just a bunch of jams I like at the moment.”

Download and stream via SoundCloud below.


The Half Dead Organization – ‘Mission’
Alan Parker – ‘Pulse Sequence’
Roedelius – ‘Poetry, Pink Blue and Amber’
Sensations Fix – ‘Fragments of Light’
Son of Sam – ‘Shah Main’
Space Opera – ‘Holy River’
Akvarium – ‘Live’
John Martyn – ‘Go Easy’
Alain Renaid – ‘Out of Time’
Martin Dupont – ‘Bent at the Window’
Nik Raicevic – ‘Eternity’
Cube – ‘Stealing’
Yi Yi Thant – ‘Good Time’
Airbird – ‘King For the Night’
Paul Nagle – ‘Skyring’ (edit)
Sphinx – ‘Bad Girl’



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