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FACT mix 586: DJ Bone presents Differ-Ent

Flying high with a techno master.

DJ Bone has been a proud ambassador of Motor City for more than two decades, with his fast-paced and physical mixing style continuing to attract new converts around the world. From where we sitting, it seems like he’s only just reaching his peak.

Most of Eric Dulan’s releases over the past decade have appeared on his own Subject Detroit imprint, but in 2015 he joined Semtek’s Don’t Be Afraid label to unveil a new alias, Differ-Ent. The fresh moniker gave him breathing room to explore his freakier, more abstract impulses over a couple of 12″s for the London label, and on February 24 he’ll release his debut album as Differ-Ent. It’s a record of sharp contours and dense detail, from twisted percussion workouts (‘We Have U Surrounded’) to white-knuckle emotional voyages (the incredible ‘Drum Addict’).

“I decided that I didn’t want to make a historical Detroit sound,” he told FACT as part of a forthcoming interview. “I wanted to do my upgrade to it. It’s like putting a new engine in an old car — it’s gonna run different on the track, so the only ones who’ll notice are the ones you’re racing.”

Dulan’s FACT mix as Differ-Ent has all the torque you’d expect from the hands of an experienced technician, but parts of the journey are shrouded in Detroit River mist – it’s as dreamy as it is absolutely slamming. Belt up!



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