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FACT mix 587: Seekersinternational

Seeker than your average.

Based in Richmond, British Colombia and emerging from the ‘90s Filipino mobile DJ crew explosion, Seekersinternational (or SKRS, or SKRSINTL) appeared on our radar in 2012 after they released their debut album proper, The Call From Below, on the now-mythical Digitalis label.

The LP was a revelation, highlighting the collective’s ability to refract dub reggae through a cracked, rose-tinted lens, offering a more ambient take on Pole’s glitchy dubwise experiments or Rhythm & Sound’s hallowed versions. Since then they’ve charted rougher territory, last year attacking ragga and jungle with the outstanding RaggaPreservationSociety (one of FACT’s favorite albums of 2016) and rewiring the often-maligned lovers’ rock genre on LoversDedicationStation.

Seekersinternational’s debut FACT mix is equally as wide-reaching, blending original dubs with essential snippets of dancehall, pop, reggae, hardcore, dub, disco, house and Skepta’s ‘That’s Not Me’. More than just a mix, this feels like an archaeological dig through Seekersinternational’s bottomless cave of influences, pulling us through their world in a flurry of edits, blends and original tracks. Phew.


01 ‘Dub Landing Intro’
02 1991 – ‘No More Dreams I’
03 Gappy Ranks – ‘Jamaican Girls’ (dub-a-pella)
04 Gwen Guthrie – ‘Seventh Heaven’ (US remix)
05 Mad Cobra – ‘Press Trigger’ (dub-a-pella)
06 Capleton – ‘Killing Your Sound’ (Betawave X Rewire)
07 Strategy – ‘Be Careful With That AX-60, Eugene’
08 Jody Watley – ‘Most of All’ (dub edit)
09 SKRS x wzrdryAV – ‘CasioNinja B (finish it)’
10 UFocus – ‘Guidance For The Puzzled’
11 SKRS – ‘OriginalAuthentic’ (dub)
12 Sundeep Gosswami – ‘Rudra Shiva Tandava’
13 Vybz Kartel – ‘Gunshot’
14 Buccaneer & Blaxxx – ‘Blackout Riddim Version’
15 wzrdryAV – ‘Woodland Park’
16 Bobby Nunn – ‘Do You Look That Good in the Morning’
17 Gussie P – ‘Digi’
18 Andrew Paul – ‘Digital’ (dub edit)
19 Hashbrown – ‘It’s Alright’
20 wzrdryAV – ‘Afternoon Clouds’
21 SKRS – ‘OriginalTing’ (dub)
22 O$VMV$M – ‘Reverse’
23 DJ V$TRX – ‘Galaxy Shadows’
24 Luciano – ‘Dancehall Style’ (dub-a-pella)
25 2 Bad Mice – ‘Limit of Paradise’
26 Tom & Jerry – ‘Maxi(mun) Style’
27 Maxi Anderson – ‘Lover to Lover’ (edit)
28 Sugar Minott – ‘Play On’
29 Prince Jammy’s – ‘Auto Rhythm’
30 Skepta – ‘That’s Not Me’ (instrumental)
31 Ready for the World – ‘Digital Display’ (acapella)
32 Towa Tei – ‘Dubnova (part 1 & 2)’
33 ‘WhereUOff2 Outro’



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